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Marketing Strategy Tips

How Healthy is Your Marketing Strategy?

A new year is upon us, and for many, this means a resolution to get healthier. You know how it goes: lose weight, eat more vegetables, join a fitness center, on and on and on. Almost as important as personal health is the health of your business (we said almost). For businesses, one of the...
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Play by the Rules: A CYA Guide to Hosting Sweepstakes & Contests

Finishing up a client’s recent sweepstakes last week reminded me of many previous games I’ve created and managed throughout my years in the industry. I once managed a sweepstakes for Cartoon Network in conjunction with the MLB, where one winner would get to bring their favorite player to school. The winner turned out to be...
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2 Reasons a Blog is Critical to Your Company’s Success

So many companies “try” blogging only to give it up when they don’t see lead conversion after a few months. Clients sometimes wonder why a blog is important, questioning its merits and failing to see results. The truth is, a company blog that shares relevant, timely, informative content is invaluable [Read: The Key to Writing...
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social media

6 Social Media Time Sucks SMBs Needs to Avoid

Social media can be a time suck. But if you clean up your act a bit, and focus on what’s important, social can actually save you time and bring in new business. So claim your independence from all that’s holding you back! You know, like this stuff: Social Media Time Suck #1: Worrying too much about...
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The Key to Creating Content Your Audience Wants

My first job in marketing was with a furniture manufacturing company. The corporate office was set up with the executive offices in the front of the building (Marketing, Sales, HR, Accounting), and in the back, Shipping & Receiving, Manufacturing, and, oh yeah, Customer Service. To my 21 year-old mind, Customer Service looked unimportant. And I...
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content calendar

How to Create the Mother of All Content Calendars

Content might be king, but it’s the organization of content that rules. Without a clear structure for when and where you’re posting your content, it’s difficult to keep up. Especially for agencies or large enterprises that manage multiple websites, blogs, and social platforms, a Master Content Calendar is a must. As our small agency began...
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How to Interview Experts for Better Content: 8 Tips

Whether you need to interview a Subject Matter Expert (SME), a thought leader or a client, knowing how to get the information you are seeking is essential. It’s not enough to ask questions and record responses. The most productive interviews require thorough preparation, excellent listening skills, and a bit of improvising. Regardless of your role,...
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6 Ways to Get the Most From Your Summer Intern

It’s that time of year again. Temperatures are soaring, pools are opening, and companies everywhere are gearing up to welcome their summer interns. We, at Second Story, are no different. In fact, we’re looking forward to all three of our interns starting with us in a couple weeks. If you’re considering hiring an intern (or...
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Top 6 Blog FAQ’s, Answered.

The history of blogging dates back to the mid 90s when Swarthmore College undergrad, Justin Hall started an online “open diary.” The New York Times crowned him “The founding father of personal bloggers.” My own blogging career started in 2007 when as a writer and ad agency exec, I started my own personal blog. A year...
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